Ewww. Okay this what i was planning to wear to the lilwayne concert which is in 15days butta YUCK! Im a fat disgusting cow! Look at that! Theres no way in 15days it could even look good!



Nasty binge
Yuck Yuck Yuck Yuck Yuck
I totally binged last night! NOT COOL!I had like 1500+ cal.
I was so depressed going to bed last night!
But im back on track today doing great :)

Just the day ive had
Today went pretty good I guess. Got up at 8am and went for a 45minute walk . Then came home and slept till about noon. Then I did 25 minutes of pilaties and 20 minutes of strength workouts. Then I went swimming for 35 minutes . At about 6pm im going to subway with my mum. Im going to get a veggie sub and no sauce on wheat bread. Planned on treating myself with a lemonade but Im turning away from that idea. I think I might get the lemonade just to satisfy my cravings and then I think Ill swim for an hour to see how many calories I can burn!

Long Day...
Well today I was supposed to get up at 5am and go jogging with my best friend paige but that didnt happen because I was to lazy so we ended up going for a 45minute walk at 8am insted. Then I got home and flopped back into bed till noon and did 25 minutes of pilates and about 20 minutes of strength workouts. I plan on swimming for atleast 2 hours too since tomorrows weigh day! :) All fingers crossed for 172!


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